My Fly in the Sky
muzyka i słowa:
Jarosław Jaromi Drażewski

To have a cake or eat this cake
Whatever I do, this is a mistake
My Fly in the Sky
At night when I meet you Angel
I think - you are a stranger
Then I'm cryin' when I'm flyin'
I have so many words in the station
No one fits the situation
My Fly in the Sky

In the nooks of my mind
Any meaning to try to find
My Fly in the Sky
I want to land on the surface
I'm constantly falling on my face
Surface is not always dry
When I wake up in the morning
It will be over of this storning
My Fly in the Sky

I collect dollars in my pocket
To rise high above the clouds
My Fly in the Sky
I will not go there for a rocket
Like some experimental mouse
Tell me why not fly to the sky
When I meet you my sweet Angel
You are no longer a stranger
And I know that when landing
There will be no more danger
Cause my wings are slightly raised
When I'm flyin' with my sweet Angel
My Fly in the Sky
My Fly in the Sky

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